Sukhwant Dhaliwal & Nira Yuval-Davis Introduction

  1. Pragna Patel Flying by the nets of racism, patriarchy and religion
  2. Clara Connolly Confessions of an Anti-Clerical Feminist
  3. Gita Sahgal Knowing My Place – The Secular Tradition and Universal Values
  4. Ruth Pearson Linking the local with the global: the legacy of migrant grandparents
  5. Shakila Taranum Maan Gods and Daughters
  6. Nira Yuval-Davis Intersectional Contestations
  7. Hannana Siddiqui My Life as an Activist
  8. Julia Bard Learning to Question
  9. Georgie Wemyss Activist Listening
  10. Nadje Al-Ali From Germany to Iraq via WAF: A Political Journey
  11. Sukhwant Dhaliwal Made in ‘Little India’
  12. Cassandra Balchin Making myself through difference
  13. Rashmi Varma Telling Lives
  14. Sue O’Sullivan Change, Chance, and Contradictions
  15. Eva Turner One of My CVs
  16. Jane Lane No clear pathway, just a lifelong zigzag
  17. Ritu Mahendru Sexual and Gender Based Violence Against Women
  18. Natalie Bennett Anti-fundamentalist feminism and green politics
  19. Judy Greenway The Spirit of Resistance: Helen Lowe 1944-2011

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